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I am creating a laptop business where I will sooner than later, begin to travel the world. This has been my intention for three years now and it’s been a long learning curve. So much to learn and so much to get out of my own way. Everyday living and health challenges contributed to my delayed readiness. Now, I feel ready to take another round of uplevelling, consolidating and getting my website more in line with where I am now.

That’s why I decided to do Natalie Sisson’s 10 day Blog Challenge, and to share my journey with you all.

1.One of the presenting challenges I’m dealing with is that because I am full of so many creative ideas, have so many projects on the go and tons of things that I want to do that I bounce around doing a bit here and there and not finishing much of anything. However, I haven’t given up and have begun funnelling them into some sort of prioritizing system based on first things first.

2.I am also continuing to encounter vast amounts of self-doubt, unwillingness to put in the time and hard work for results, that may or may not happen. I have learned to simply do it anyway, to lean into the inertia, the futility and the anxiety, step by step. At least I am strengthening my character by learning perseverance!

3. The third challenge that still disperses my focus for days or weeks at a time, is that I have already a lot of freedom in some areas of my life. My life is comfortable and easy.I wake when I want and do want i want throughout the day. But, I feel caged and I want so much more of a life.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1


10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson

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