Your Spirit can help you know yourself

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Hey, if you are anything like me, you find your life changing just about every time you feel satisfied where you are at and settled with things at the moment. We find this out as parents, as we finally adjust to our baby’s routine, they go and change it on us!

Maybe that’s because everything that’s alive is constantly moving. Perhaps its because our spirits  let’s us catch our breath and then spurs us on to more experiences, more opening to life to gain deeper understandings so we can open to love more.  Our spirit’s mandate is to get rid of everything that is separating us from who we really are. So we can be happy. Be ourselves. Shine outward to the world.

We so don’t know what we don’t know. Things that we really believed to be true about life, about ourselves, about what reality even is, shifts and changes as we reach new levels of perception and deeper places in our hearts.

This tends to be rather scary if we are not aware of our spirit’s presence.  When we cling to believing we are ‘only human’.  So, through the metaphor of everyday living, we are constantly given the choice through what’s going on in daily experiences to trust our inner voice. To do what our gut gets where the power is, our hearts feel our truth and what our spirits know holds integrity and bring us back to living from wholeness.  We gotta take the risk, time and time again to trust this bigger part of ourselves.

We can even ask our spirit to help us do this.  Imagine that.


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