Sharon Leslie ~ Miracle in Progress


Recently while supporting a wonderful person through some deep healing, she shared that she knew that she could trust me.  That I was trustworthy to help her in these places we were working with. She intuitively knew I could support her where she did not even know she had to go.

Throughout all the years I have been in the role of soul counsellor, sacred witness, Anam Cara, amongst all the work I offer, means the most to me.  I'm not perfect for sure, yet, in this deep crucible space of being a helper to another's soul, I resound with the Grace and purity of Soul.  Shaped and sharpened by my experience in life, I can go where people need me the most.  My work is always highly intuitively guided, as a clairvoyant I can be a messenger of your Soul to you. As a empath, I can feel what you are emotionally feeling, whether it's conscience to you or not. As a clair-instinctual, I can sense the sensations, tensions and energy in your body and aura as well.

I do this all with respect and non-peering. What that means is that I do not go into your space, without your permission.  I do see you from soul though.  This means I align with the eternal spirit that you are.  Like the greeting 'Namaste' which means something like  "I see the light that you are and the light that I am says hello to you" . Our perspective, the way we choose to view life, greatly determines the kinds of life we live.

As we awaken to who we truly are, we change our consciousness from a lot of fear to seeing life through our growing ability to love ourselves and see from our spirits.

Now some of us decided to do this before their birth and came into life able to perceive very deeply.  I am one of these - 'Soulseers', as I call them. People who are Highly Sensitive and Psychically and Spiritual very aware.  As this has been my path, I predominantly work with these kinds of people and their souls feel drawn to work with me.

We are born this way for a purpose. We need to heal, empower and transform ourselves so we can thrive and fulfill our purpose for coming to Earth.

This website  is for my Miracle in Progress Coaching and my Transformation Counsellor work.   
Please go to my other site for my mystical and energetic workings offerings. Sharon Leslie the Soulseer