Day 5 Setting Up for Success

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Today’s challenge is about creating an ‘hour of power’ where you apply yourself to the top ‘MIA’s’ (Most important actions)of the day. This practise of devoting oneself through taking three steps of action to manifest one’s vision, does indeed leave you feeling great when you do them. It is the foundation self-devotional practise for working for yourself.  I’m not very good at it. Having Attention Deficit, I am very easily distracted, get bored doing mundane tasks within minutes and move from project to project like a bear trying to get the last berries from the bushes before the blizzard arrives.


However, I know being lazy, yes it comes down to that for this grasshopper, and that  doesn’t get me where I am determined to go. So I have been left-braining it for the last couple of years. Creating structures and systems, organizing minute details in all areas in my life. Training myself to focus, to pull myself back, time and time again from tangents I was on.

I have time, all that I want, so that’s not an issue for me. I am becoming more productive with my time. I set my timer for 22 minutes. Work on something hard with total focus for 22 mins, then take 22 mins to do something physical like chores or yoga, then 20 minutes to do details, such as email,  or other online stuff.  blog-challenge-badge-12

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