Day 10 ~ Celebrating a Freedom Lifestyle

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Day 10 – Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge

What I enjoyed the most about doing this blog challenge was people’s responses! Even though I did not boost my posts or share them, ok, one or two of them, I realized the likes and responses are my main motivation to write or do any of my work. I appreciate the clarity of seeing that as it aligns why my purpose of what I want to create and offer.

I think today is my favourite challenge because it is an accomplishment to actually finish the ten days of blogging. The days were focuses that I have explored before but not for a while.  I recognized how I understand them now, which also allowed me to be more concise and also disclose more personal things because there is more power behind my word.

What I will take away from this Blog, is how its a clever way to create more business. It’s a sale’s funnel, and that’s ok. I learnt a lot from the style and simplicity of it, the personal and professional presentation of Natalie’s and I was able to move forward in my own way.

So, I’ve decided to blog be-weekly and start uplevelling my website with a fabulous offer.


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