Day 4 Owning My Superpowers

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Well, this blog is about the power of claiming one’s innate gifts and talent. Of course you can’t claim them unless you develop t the infrastructure, so to speak, so that they are able to come through. So, for me, my gifts are my spirituality, my  creativity and my quirky kind of intelligence.  What I continue to build is my more left brain systems of steadfastness, my systems and platforms and my ability to follow through with my inspired desires and wild dreams of being, doing and having what makes me most alive.

My spirituality includes my intuitive gifts, my healing talents and the wise-woman who counsels, coaches and mentors others. My own path, which had a very hard start in life, taught me compassion and self-love, which of course, I continue to learn.  Since there is no lack of human need for my services, I know that no matter how old I get I may still offer them.

I am also a born entrepreneur and constantly have to rein in all the things I want to create and manifest. This part of me gives me fire, passion and so much energy. Through study and confronting my resistance to technology, I am now in a position to build an online business.

More than anything I have inner strength because I have deep faith in the One.


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