Day 6 Finding Your Tribe

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I don’t think I have one tribe, I have several tribes I go to and from to, out and into over time.  Specifically, around supporting business ventures I have discovered marvellous women pursuing their own entrepreneurial  pursuits that have felt both like kindred spirits and very supportive personally and online technically to me. For a large part they are my ‘tribe’.

If I could find mentors at the moment I would pick Loreena Mckennitt and Diana Galboran.  Loreena refused to sign to a record company and did each aspect of her music and the business behind it, because her music means so much to her, that she wanted total control of it. I would ask her, “what keeps you able to do it all, and stay real and present in your mystery?”

Diana Galboran wrote books in such detail because she see’s that deeply. How she managed to do so and have a life, and bestsellers and now a tv series, well that inspires me. I would ask her, “How did you have faith in your books enough to keep writing them?”

I may never buy these women a cappuccino, but I can emulate them and follow their journeys.



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