Day 7- Procrastination and Overwhelm

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The Power is in the Completion – as I always tell my kids

One imperfect action that I can take every day that will move me closer to the life  have envisioned is doing that horrible asana where you suck in your gut when you have exhaled fully.  Why? Because I avoid doing it because its hard, uncomfortable and triggers my fear of not being able to breathe. It’s exactly what my body needs to have core strength. So, I know my back and self esteem will be loads better if I commit to doing it for 30 day.  However, what the biggest way it will serve me is, like doing a 10 day blog it will build my personal power as I act like an adult, do what i know is best for me and know also that I deserve the results from growing mental strength, fortitude and learn how to manage all aspects of my life from this caring, conscious and capable adult that if am – step by step – becoming.  So be it!


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