Day 8 ~ Have an Adventure

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I came back from having an early morning adventure and discovered that was the assignment for the day!  It didn’t  surprise me as I live a kind of ‘everyday miracle moments’ life already. This particular adventure was especially delightful.

A young women was at the coffee counter asking for a glass of hot water because she had forgot her wallet. I offered to buy her tea…breakfast? She declined and said it was fine, thanked me for my offer.

As I ate my croissant and enjoyed my cappuccino, 20160917_081138I watched her sip her water as she drew, and thought of how important it was to have something warm in a tummy on a cold rainy day. I offered her $5, and told her that.  She declined again and thanked me for my kindness.

She then reassured me and pointed to her car that was parked just across the street that she was on the way to work. She asked me if I would like her drawing. It was fantastic! I said sure, could I give her $5 for it?

Shook her head again, with a big smile. I asked her if she had a card because she needed to promote her art, it was striking. She didn’t have a personal card, no, however, she had her business card. Turns out she owns a fabric/textile business. Organic cloth and dyes only, and it’s based in Mexico!

I asked her if she has Indigo, as I want to promote organic indigo as a crop and business in El Salvador.  Already thought of starting it in Mexico. All for my own line of clothes…yes I am multi-passionate!

I took her card, and the drawing and remembered that as my spirit spontaneously reaches out to life and to strangers, the most wonderful moments and connections can happen.  That’s what I call my ‘magical zone”.

Here is her  painting. I bet she designs fabric.    


Here is her company card, check her out! 


Thanks Natalie Sisson for this Adventure Blog Challenge


10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson

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