Day 9 – Location Independance

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Chris May ~ Perspective West

I am going to the West Coast of Ireland in mid February next year. For a month. I am setting up a base, I reckon. I will be writing, working at my arts and exploring where I find myself being taken by spirit to reconnect to daily. Quite frankly, it’s not my need to be a tourist, or visit pubs or to go on tours. I look forward to meeting those I meet and connect with and I am awed at their kind and trusting offers to stay  with them for while in their homes.

I will be sitting here and there on hills, in places that will hold and heal me, or I’ll be wrapped in a blanket on the beach, bearing the winds off the seas of winter. I imagine cozy places where I write, eat and sip tea. I will be blogging, writing and continuing doing sessions for those amazing souls who I work with to support their blossoming into a conscious and thriving life.

I will be looking around for a beginning place. Not a cottage way out somewhere, I’m not that brave, and it’s not the people that I’m wary of visiting. No, a small flat, in a place where the roof doesn’t leak, on the edge of a village in Connemara or Claire. I’ll put down a downpayment and start making it mine with a good airtight stove and a daybed filled with pillows and comforters, for I know I will be back.



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