Every Act & Choice to Heal Matters

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As we let go of the old and less than useful ways of being, we grow into someone new. As our fear-based conditioning is surrendered to our greater truths, we grow in our ability to live from spirit and  deepen our capacity to love ourselves and therefore others. In this blossoming,  we are continuously dying and being reborn.


I find it useful to remember that th14264815_1235787113108468_6108259950423018661_nis is a continual process of becoming ourselves. Each gestation of a healing crisis, each descent into the darkness that brings the growth that forces us to dissolve our ego’s hold,  transforms us in yet another layer. Every hard conscious choice or difficult decision we make, knowing that it is the right thing to do yet fearing the leap into the unknown we grow in character.

Step by step, as we face our everyday living challenges, we birth our emerging soul self. We shift into a more evolved ‘signature’ or energy patten on all levels.

Sometimes when we are impatient, (sure sign we are in ego as the spirit has infinite patience) we look at all the work and healing we have done and wonder if it mattered or changed anything! Honour it! Every little realization, every choice to be positive and carry on matters. All those risky places where you decided to have faith, all those moments where you forgave yourself, were tender with yourself, instead of judgemental meant so much to the tender heart of who you are.  It all counts and adds to your evolving into more of the beautiful being that you are.

Kinda like the cells of our body being replaced in different organs at different rates, we too can trust the natural process of spiritual healing, after all, it is guided by the infinite love and intelligence within us.

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