My Healing Journey to Offer Healing to Others

Here's part of my healing journey of learning how to heal and do energy work.

  1. Really, my healing journey all started with a spiritual healing from a woman doctor named Margaret Marsh.  My friend Connie Frey brought me to the Spiritualist church and Margaret, in the pew ahead of us,  touched my hand and I started to cry.  I had been suffering from continuous PID's and I had recently had an emergency surgery which, I was told had left me infertile. I was seventeen.  So Margaret came over later that evening, her young sons in tow, and gave me more hands on and put me on my first fast. That was the last time I saw her for years and I never payed her anything. She lost her medical practise because she insisted giving herbs to her patients instead of pharmaceuticals. it was around 1974.  Bless her, bless her, bless her.
  2. She left me interested in  herbalism, which I studied intently and studiously and still continue to learn about sacred plants and medicines every day of my life. Have a guide who suggests herbs for others and for things, perhaps he is my great grandfather, I have his herbal book from the 1800's. 
  3. Being a full on hippy in my late teens I did yoga, meditated a lot, studied Eastern mysticism, became vegetarian and studied alternative nutrition.
  4. Fascinated by iridology, reflexology, and aromatherapy, I loved diagnosing others by reading their eyes or relieving pain by pushing and kneading certain parts of people's feet.  
  5. Giving birth at nineteen at home, i had studied of course alternative birth methods and had a wonderful midwife and women friends supporting me through the long haul.  In those days, midwifes could not perform episonomies so I had to head off in a taxi a couple of hours after giving birth to get sewn up a bit.  I headed down to the ocean on a wild winter day with the placenta in a roasting pan and ceremoniously sang as I through it into the great mother - the ocean.  My son had a makeshift Laboyer birth, being in warm water and low light, quiet and slow.
  6. I begun to participate in the "human potential movement" . Coming out of my spiritual superiority mode and began hanging out with the folk learning to raise my consciousness by learning co-counselling, communication and life skills.
  7. Being quite numb and depressed, unable to be really present emotionally for my son I began radical therapy in the form of Bionergetics.  Intensely immersed in it for several years for better and worse, it taught me what real feelings are, how our bodies hold all our memories and the depth of our psychological defenses.  As an empath, I was told that I could not feel other people's feelings, that I could only project on them and have my experience of their feelings. So not true, by the way. Towards the end we were therapists to each other and quite frankly, it came naturally to me and I was great at it. However, it seemed to dwell too much on the negative, and I quit and was immediately shunned by the group I had shared so much and bonded so deeply with.
  8. Bearing another child and soon finding myself a single parent of two sons under five, I finally allowed myself the reclaiming of myself and the exploration of my psychic nature.  Training in hypnosis, trance states with silva mind control, and others, i delved into past life therapy and regression.  I also began to develop my intuition and deepen into inner mysteries.  Training in dowsing, kinesiology,  radionics, homeopathy, and other  
  9. After a miraculous to me healing with my son, I began my psychic and healing training. First getting Reiki, learning psychic healing, toning, channelling and psychic reading, I began my practise shortly after, knowing I could help, wanting to and obviously had found my gifts finally.
  10. I went to Australia with my Reiki Master, getting my second degree Reiki on the plane over. We attended the first ESP fair at the Centrepoint centre in Sidney. I found out that I was able to do many other kinds of healing there as well. 
  11. I continue to develop my practice, skills and most importantly, my experience. 
  12. Soon after Australia I went to an healing event in Vancouver and experienced Caroline, a Hopi Medicine Woman, whose mere presence changed my life.  That's when I got my first office, put out a shingle and started where I was.
  13. It was busy in the New Age community in the 80's and early 90's and quite frankly quite beautiful and magical a time.
  14. I become a Certified Master Pranic Healer, I signed up for the Crucible programme with Rosyln Bruyere, and met and worked with other amazing teachers as well.
  15. Along with the healing work, I worked with Metaphysical teachers like Stuart Wilde, Louise Hay, Chris Griscolm, Terry Cole-Whittaker, studying attitudinal healing, the Course in Miracles and other lines of New thought Metaphysical and Spiritual Development.
  16. Af first I did mainly healings, then did readings and channelling as my confidence grew. I used to use a feather at the beginning of all sessions, clearing the aura, grounding the person before we started.  Now I set my intent and do the same work, however, I kinda miss those days,
  17. Then I shifted to counselling because readings did not give the person the ability to know differently, to find skills and most of all to heal their hearts and to know themselves deeply.
  18. So, for the last while, a long while, I have been using all that I have learned and experienced in thousands of sessions, to offer a very 'customized' sacred healing and awakening to those that come to me.
  19. Past all the techniques, all the forms that other people created, I find that simply working with spirit, especially the Healing Angels, is the simplest and most loving and efficient way to make profound shifts and deep healings. So that is the kind of healing work I mostly do these days.