In 1988 I Wrote a Prayer

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At the beginning of my spiritual counselling practise, I wrote an invocation, a prayer and kept it all these years. Reading it still was inspiring and aligned me with the Divine Source. It held power and love and I moved into its embrace by energetically experiencing its Grace.

Finally, after 28 years of meaning to get around to it, I finally did. The power really is in the completion. It was so satisfying to finally finish it, in all its perfect imperfection. It took a lot of perseverance to learn how to edit and use the tools so that it could be at a quality I felt good about. I was elated.

Of course I published earlier versions, thinking it was good enough, to not spend more time than necessary as I have a habit of doing. However,  I knew it wasn’t good enough and I didn’t get that proud feeling that I knew I deserved to feel. It wasn’t a simple or easy path, much to do with my own process. Of course I deleted the good video when it was done, along with the earlier ones and had to start over again. Each time though it got better, as I learned more and called on my Divinity for support and clarity. I stayed with it and came through for myself. That is no small thing for me.

So I finished the final copy in the wee hours of the morning, and posted it. It’s a creative project, an expression of who I am, and therefore there is a degree of vulnerability and the old ’33 record album going around with its droning judgements of how it should be more, better and different.  I don’t care to give that energy and I can reassure the part that has to bear and release the judgements of others. You see as a telepath, I hear them more often than I want to. I am able to not go into agreement with most of them now.

Although my prayer is from the space I was in the late 80’s, working mostly with Light and love from a western Christian perspective, I still honour those teachings and my ongoing experience with them. They are part of me. And writing in new words to my prayer I felt the Golden Light, the healing angels and the Glory of Grace warm me, lighten me and praise my willingness to add good to the world.

I am grateful to be able to call those rays, beings and energies of love into me whenever I want to. It changes everything instantly as it centres me in the power of love and the inner reality that holds no doubt about the ‘reality’ of it.  Inner experience is what counts.

This more than all else, do I love to serve those who are seeking to remember who they are. So Be it!

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