Into the Yonder

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So often in life, I have found that to live my own truth and the path it demands that I follow, leads me through processes that makes me more of myself. A series of letting go type of events, healings on all levels, ego deaths/self-forgiveness

Granddaughter Elfy & I on hilltop

surrenders and lots of letting go of what doesn’t work, any longer. (probably never did, but it was a good story somewhere along the way to keep me safe and small.)

All I really have to offer others is the quality, the state of being and consciousness that I reside in. Anywhere I am not walking my talk, know full well, that my spirit is setting up encounter in life to release the variance gap from my true intention to live from/as spirit, and where I continue to insist on separation from my Source and continue to be loyal to the needless suffering of the ain’t it awful club.

So, one of the rings of Saturn that is rotating around me at the moment is how I have not done what I said I would do. Like go to Ireland after twenty odd years of ‘any day now…’   People were/are excited for me and found joy in the fact I was going. Now they will believe it when I’ve landed in Ireland.

It obviously gets to take as long as it takes. Now as I prepare for my June 1st departure, i go knowing that i am all organized, things are completed in home and life, and I have the time to let down and relax, journey within and meditate to  go in a state of being that feels me.

At the same time I am working with my Magick. Devoting more daily time to spiritual practise, running energy, guidance, shamanic practises and purification by Kundalini initiations.  I look forward to wild encounters and doing healing where I am being called to do so. I am fierce about being pure and worthy enough to be of use.

There are places I want to go and see, yet mostly, I want to sit, lay down on the earth and commune with All That Is.  The picture really describes the ‘energy’ that I am moving towards and being guided by. It is my mandala of life. Called by the yonder.



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