Day 3 My Ideal Day…

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It really works to imagine in, to visualize with intense detail, using all your senses, to create your vision – whatever it is. Today’s assignment is to imagine the ideal day, one that I would love to live as pretty much a routine type of day.

I would love to sleep until I naturally wake up because I never know how I will sleep. Oh, already do that, one of the perks of working for oneself! I would like to meditate for at least half an hour and then do some yoga. Do that already most days. Then I enjoy my coffee and some breakfast. Often as I do, I go online and start shifting through things and do some working on my business. In the afternoon, I often go for a walk, tap a nap, work with clients or write.  In the evening, I study, I read, watch cooking shows, or I do some renovation often. On the weekends I tend to spend time with friends and family.  Every night I am excited about the next day, something still surprising for me.

What would be ideal is some changes in my environment, a move to the countryside, spending time away travelling and I finally admitted to myself, I would like to go to Ireland and fix up a cottage and write books there. I would come home in winter and rent it out to another woman who needed it.


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