Imagine you could come true

imagine not fearing your darkest inner nature.  Imagine feeling a comforting, nurturing and kind voice replacing the critical, negative self-judgement talk within you. Imagine feeling healing energy, joy and grace, and waves of support from guidance any time you need it. You were designed to do so.

Imagine clarity. A state of stillness, where your headspace feels full of just you.  All other information, belief and energy that is not yours is dispersed or returne to sender. When you can hear that quiet voice within – that is always comforting and never wrong, and only there to love, nurture and guide you.

Imagine finding yourself a marvel, a miracle in progress, a perfect whatever you are in this moment. Where the pressure of constant more, better and different ebbs away as you reframe, replace and lovingly learn how to support yourself in ways your body, inner kids and spirit immediately relaxes and feels comforted.

Imagine that you know how to manage rather than attempt to control things. And yet, though you may grow new skills and build a better, useful database, you still rely on your greater self to take over everything that feels more than you can do. All that you have to do is be open and listen, and you can do that now because you are more comfortable in your skin, yourself. You can act on what you hear or know because you no longer fear yourself, you have clarity in growing amounts and you feel tangibly the greater part of you – your spirit

Imagine knowing no matter what you do, where you go, that true self will always be there for you finding you absolutely and totally precious, perfect and loveable.

If you knew such a journey was not only imaginary, but possible, would you step your foot upon it?

Of course you would.