My Vision and Mission

I have 11 fiction books, many in there 3 drafts, waiting for me to finish them. Everyday, ok most days, I write at least 22 minutes on the one that I am finishing first. I have a pen name so you may never learn about them when I finally finish them. However, I know I will finish them.

I know I will because I made this website after 3 years of opening up to online technology and am still in the process of creating an online business for myself. This growing mastery of business skills, tech skills and taken action has giving me so much strength, confience and know how that I feel I can take on anything!

Meanwhile as I continue in my thirty plus years being a spiritual mentor, I will offer all that I can of what i learned so that others may find their way to their own light and self-love with greater else than I did.

My ‘mission’ is to become one with myself. My mission in the world is to support others doing the same. From whereever they are at, in their own way and at their own time. Ok, I often hurry them up at times when their resistance is more than they can get through themselves.