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Bountiful Blessings Healing Pillows


Pillow charged with Healing Vitality, prayers and blessings.


Wonderful hand made pillow blessed with prayers and filled with good energy. They are a wonderful customized gift for ailing people, pregnant women, anxious animals and of course, your own dear sweet being. 

The pillows are about 8″X 10″   ~ $147 includes Thrice Blessed Oil, ebook, customized charging and healing audio

The flannelette is pre-washed and the outer flannelette pillow is washable. 

Each pillow contains an inner pillow stuffed with soft cotton baton.

It also holds one amethyst, one jade stone and one pink quartz stone. Each stone has been specifically charge with healing vitality, lifeforce and customized intention. The Jade stone is for physical healing and strengthening, the pink quartz is for emotional healing and is charged with love. The amethyst has had Divine Light and Peace channelled into it. 

The outer case is made with beautiful raw silk which contains the charge and healing energies in the flannelette pillow.

The pillow can be used to heal and energize until it feels neutral. it will always hold good energy though. I am happy to recharge it via long-distant healing, and offer online ways you can recharge it yourself. 

The pillows are non-refundable, however, please let me know if you are not satisfied with your experience and we will work something out.

I would also appreciate your experience and recommendation if that is something you want to contribute.

Of course this is an energetic experience, a spiritual healing modality and it’s up to you to intuit if it’s right for you. Know that my alignment with my spiritual allies, guides, healing angels and the Creator is essential to me and i answer, so to speak, to them. Integrity means all to me. 

For more information on my healing experience please go here:  http://sharonleslie.com/healing-training-and-experience/

For more uses and details about the pillows go here:  http://sharonleslie.com/healing-bountiful-blessings-pillows/http://sharonleslie.com/healing-bountiful-blessings-pillows/



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