Coaching session by phone or skype


single coaching call useful for support how and where to move forward

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single coaching call


A wonderful way to receive support, in a way that works just as well as in person.

My coaching differs than my counselling sessions!

In my coaching we focus on changing your life by taking action and making things happen.

And I do different kinds of coaching!

This can be life coaching, transformational coaching where we lay out a plan and steps to transform your life in that area. For example you might want to work on releasing your negativity and responding more positively to everything.  So we combine learning metaphysical skills, practical knowledge and release core beliefs, so that you change as you become where you want to be.

I also do entrepreneuring coaching! For people starting their own business online and in life. I help them with tech skills, goals and strategic planning and support them through what comes up. I also get them to lean into their discomfort, earn courage by doing so in doable steps, and then help them embrace their vision.  Of course, I am still learning this myself, however I have had business training, project manager positions and lots of projects that I have created, sold and made money at.

I have embraced technology so that I wouldn’t be left behind, so I help others to get through their resistance, fears and rejection of it, so they can benefit from it in ways that they need to know and open them to possibilities that will make their life easier.

Often with coaching clients, I work alongside their and my Trello board, where we set goals, look at links and sites and mark points, issues and awareness’s that come up during our talk. So yes, part of coaching with Sharon Leslie is having an interactive board where you can keep tract of all your details and add stuff as it comes up!


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