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A private session with Sharon Leslie – on phone or on Skype – recorded – 60 minutes

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When I counsel those who come to me, it’s a spirit-directed session. Spirit through your higher self unfolds what needs to be felt, seen and healed in our time together. It’s a sacred space where you have the opportunity to be safe and open to the wonder of who you are.

Meanwhile I braid together my counselling skills, with my Highest Consciousness possible, and use my psychic and energetic skills to being into alignment the presenting energies of the session.

My way of counselling is body and spirit centred. I go to the source of the distortion you are bearing so you can heal on an experiential level that true resolution and healing only happens on.

I work with spiritual principles that use take the perspective of soul, and that their is always a solution of love, undivided for any situation or state of pain, loss or anger we may be lost in.

I record the sessions so that you may get a lot more out of them by hearing them again, journalling on what came up for you, if you so choose.

I also work with your guidance, your spirit guides, and the Angelic Realm and other realms where love is available, and wisdom infinite, if you are open to it and the time is right.

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