Re-Selfing Time

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Selfing - Restoring your Feminine Energy

Too often our creative, feminine energy gets so used up in everyday life and we find ourselves disconnected from our inner self. We need to know how to reconnect with our emotional, spiritual and creative energies so we can regenerate and replenish ourselves. Otherwise we will be zombies, in life, acting as if, however, not truly feeling engaged or alive.

The first thing we need to give ourselves is time to do so. We need to have a safe space to sit with a cup of tea, to gaze out the window and sigh a lot. To do nothing useful. Time to simply let ourselves be. Not to do anything useful or on a list of any kind.

If we give ourselves permission to do this, we shall be rewarded.  At first our busy mind finds it hard to let go of control and the way of the world. Yet, your intent has been set, and the shifting to our inner world begins. Inklings begin to be stirred like long-held prayers  that still are inside you begin to bring vague visions that float up to our awareness. We begin to into the transitional state, often feeling, agitated, irritated which then moves into feelings of longing, of melancholy. This is par for the course and bearable.  These states are simply wails of waiting, calls that still hope to be heard, to be responded to and acknowledged that they are you and deserve life.

As we continue, we begin to recall things that matter to us, needs long subjugated to everyday living trances. In doing so we begin to feel, our emotions come floating back to us like spirit fragments seeking home in us. We slowly get a sense of who we are in this place once again. Only through feeling our feelings can we un-numb, become real, and can let down into our body once again. Our senses open and expand and we notice so much more.  We also need to face the truths that we have been denying.   To accept what is, to love ourselves anyway. As we feel our connection to our inner self growing by being honest with ourselves we also begin to experience being authentic. That makes us dwell in well-being.

Often, as we re-self through such a self-surrendering process, our presence grows and stays with us for longer.  Our colours, hues and shades of who we are, all start filling us with clarity and depth.  We reclaim our staggering inner beauty, we hear our songs once again and restore ourselves with the enthusiasm of spirit and the vitally that comes from being at one with ourselves and in our flow.

As we begin to give ourselves more time to be in such a re-selfing time,  we get more comfortable doing so. In fact, we get really excited. We have been separated from our inner nature too much and we learn that is not to be feared.

So devoting time to re-self is the most precious, tender, merciful form of self-care. It often humbles us and fills us with wonder and awe of our inner beauty and wisdom. So become your own beloved by coming through with the promise to have some time alone to do nothing but be.

You might have to make it be an essential task to book in such time in your calendar.

Give yourself twice the amount of time you think you need or can "afford".

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