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Getting on our own side and creating partnership with our   fuller, deeper selves is the only way to find peace and to thrive in life.

We have to start where we are and bring new tools and awarenesses into our lives so we can create a different way of being and a better future for ourselves.

This are my sessions where I offer spiritual counselling, healing, metaphysical therapy and several forms of energy training and core beliefs transformation.

Since I have been doing this for over 30 years, my experience offers you a direct compassionate route to fall in love with the miracle in progress that you are.

Each session is directed from your Spirit and flows with what is for your highest good and therefore appropriate for you in the here and now. This sacred presence allows us to get to the depth needed to release fears, experience your Divine nature and help you resolve issues and gain strengths, and release inner beauty you didn't know how to access.

Either by phone or in office my sessions are $150 including GST. I do have packages and I am willing to work with what you can do if you willing to do the transformational and awakening work.

"Business Consulting" title="Pychic Training & Intuitive Consultations"
>Sometimes its great to have someone to tune in what's going on for you and help your access higher intuitive perspectives for your life or  in your business.

>It’s always useful to be guided and taught how to trust your own spiritual gifts and develop your own understanding of energy, intuition and establish a tangible connection with Source.  Come and find out how you work with your unique signature energies,  and discover the potential of thriving in life by living from your extended senses and deeper knowing.

I enjoy offering intuitive business guidance, whether for entrepreneurs or those working in companies. By tuning into  situations with clarity and foresight, I love working with my client to quicken their success and know what is the best way for them to proceed. Spirit guides me with fabulous ideas and unique suggestions that create solutions and results. With integrity and perception, I can also advise others by tuning into individuals and group dynamics and convey it in a way that serves the highest good of all.

Whether growing your inner power and awareness or developing your awareness, an intuitive session means working smart not hard. When we know more about our true natures, we are able to move into life mastery with greater self trust and definitely more joy.

"Conscious Life Mentoring" title="Conscious Life Mentoring - Individual Coaching for those wanting to reach out to life." So you know yourself deeply, are conscious and continue to honour your process and develop your spiritual gifts. Perhaps you are working in your own creative, alternative business or providing a wonderful service.  Yet you know you get in your own way, resist change and discomfort and simply don't know where or how to start thriving in life?

Can you imagine learning how to do what you need to do, while supported, coached and trained by an experienced, wise and practical mentor? One who is very experienced and gifted intuitive, wise counsellor, natural entrepreneur and life coach?

Happy to offer you a free intuitive coaching assessment to determine how I may might help and to discover whether its a 'fit'.

"Let's spend some time together to decide how I can best serve you."

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