For those who recognize that we live in an energetically based reality, everyday life can be very challenging. As awakening souls we need and deserve deep support and sacred witnessing along our paths of healing.

Imagine what it would be like to find someone who really gets us  a soul level, who can compassionately help us lean into our false beliefs and fears so we can blossom and thrive in life? Sharon is a wise mentor who will support and also challenge your self-imposed limitations.

Accumulating, since 1984 experience and depth in the areas of psychic development, energy training, many modalities of healing and counselling, Sharon has gained wisdom and immediately gets to the heart of the matter - the issue needing to be transformed. Using various tools of perception and transformational processes,  she helps others to heal their hearts, own their emotions and connect with their spiritual natures.

Her nature is one of fire and water. Delving deeply into the depths of your being to recover, heal and love yourself, she will show you how, step by step, how to grow stronger as a sensitive soul and how to ground your vision for your life through actions that will also awaken you spiritually. 

She loves working with those who want to live from their authentic selves, no matter where they may find themselves in the moment, there is always a path of love to the state of being you long to live your life from.

Presently working with people, Sharon is also writing, creating online adventures and doting on her two granddaughters whenever she can.