Sharon's Business Coaching story

In 2015, I began to offer Coaching as part of the services that I offer. Working with so many talented, creative people I saw a need both for myself and many others to thrive doing what they loved.  I ran a Beta programme called " Miracle in Progress Business Vision Development Course, with around twenty participants.  Learning as I created it, it turned out to be more challenging than I thought. However, I believe most people who used the materials made major shifts and changes in their lives. I'm doing Version 2 presently; I will offer it later, most likely in early spring.

What a steep learning curve! Although I have supported myself in my own business for decades, I haven't thrived financially and have decided it was time to change that.

Why do business, entrepreneurial pursuits, when you are psychic, intuitive, soul counsellor?

pete and me 1976Well, I always had a thing for entrepreneuring from way back. I didn't think it was spiritual or cool for way too long though.

Back at the time in my life when my firstborn was still less than a year, I actually signed up to get a MBA, and signed up for intro marketing classes, determined to "make something of myself".   As a single mother, I had no choice but to put my son in a home daycare. However, when I came home early that first day I found my son, screaming in terror in a back room by the daycare owner. He had obviously been crying for hours.

So, being who I was, I couldn't do that to him. I was nineteen years old, a hippy living a natural, spiritual lifestyle, even birthing him at home at a time when midwives were illegal. I was fiercely protective of him, it felt right by my inner knowing, my maternal instincts to stay at home with him.   Although it made things more challenging financially. I came up with ways to make money to survive.  I often created entrepreneurial jobs for myself like doing housecleaning, babysitting, sewing clothes for others, gardening, and of course there was the year I made 82 gingerbread houses in two weeks and sold all of them for $25 dollars a piece.

sharon-project-manager-women-in-business-management-1990_3699819793_oSo unable, at that time to become a success in the way of the world, I chose to become a healer and a psychic and offered sessions and readings instead.

Occasionally I'd find other work, and was quickly recognized for my managerial capabilities. I was assistant manager of the Fringe Festival in 1990 for example. The last job I ever had working for someone else was when I was the project manager for a Federal Canada Works Programme helping women long out of the workforce, update their skills so they could go back into it. They had given me the reins of a half million dollar project, over others with MBA's. I only had my grade ten, but somehow they thought I was the best gal for the job. I had the single parent experience if not,the business experience.  I got my first leather briefcase though...don't see them too much these days.

I also studied online coaching when it first came into the public sphere around 2000, however, until now, I have never really have used it in my spiritual counselling practise.   I thought I would go to coaching school at some point, however, but they all seemed too 'mainstream' for me, so I had the audacity to do it here and there and to do it my way.  Combining coaching with Spiritual Counselling and Psychic training.

Now, for the past three years, I have been studying online technology, marketing, writing, coaching, and entrepreneurial business systems. Its been a lot of work, I've had to drop my techno fears, develop my left brain, and lean into many edges of change, pain, discomfort and fears.  Since I could not afford to hire anyone, or to get a business loan, I had to 'bootstrap' it along the way.  With no prior experience, I so did not know what I did not know, and also had so much of my own stuff in the way that it has taken me so much longer to get to this point than I thought it would.

One of the major detriments to getting things done and creating changes, that I continue to work on, and initially so surprised me was how I made everything into a process, a metaphysical, emotional examination. That, in itself, was not bad, I continue to self-examine most interactions with life, however, I ended there too often - I didn't continue through to changing things and moving forward to what I desired. I realized I simply DID NOT KNOW HOW, that I was never taught.

Add to all of that, things like ADD, inability to follow through, learning disabilities, assuming what things said and recognizing later they meant no such thing!  And of course all the self-judgement, emotional angst and fits of rages when the tech had me stumped, or when I read what I wrote or sludge through detail after detail before I had any sort of results. 

Talk about a spiritual path of self-love, self-forgiveness and becoming the heroine in my own life! I learned to support, lean into and continue despite mass discomfort on many levels, most of the time. Now I can offer this more fully to others and teach them the steps of getting on their own side and supporting them as they do so.

So, if you find yourself wanting to share your gifts, talents and passions with the world, and want to do it in a way that works for you and your lifestyle, your budget and your available time, then think about contacting me for a bit of a chat. Remember, you would not long for it, if it wasn't already yours! I can teach you how to 'make it so'.

Now in 2016, I expect this year to finally get to the presenting of my offerings and knowledge. Yay!

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Creating Your own Business Can Be Part of Your Spiritual Path

I live life as if everything in it is a metaphor for evolving as a soul. You know, how everything can contribute to our depth, our healing and our ability to love, if we choose to see it that way. See from Soul.

If you ever had dreams that you wish to do, be or create, then I bet you have the innate gifts and talents to make it happen. Yep, you wouldn't have the desire if it wasn't meant to happen, at least some form of it.

Our fears and lack of knowing what to do too often get in our way. We wait until...

Thing is you can create new things alongside the work, the job that gives you security and safety. You just have to want to enough. You have to assess your willingness to change and get honest with yourself in a loving way.

This is what I provide as support, as well as technical, online, marketing and conscious life coaching to help you move into your realm of possibilities and manifesting your vision in this world.

My intuitive skills and energetic teaching can help you get there faster and easier.


Jaz Grewal12342530_10156379093285565_4742959705680169341_n

When I first came to Sharon I couldn't imagine starting my own business.  Sharon connected me with what brought me most alive, at the start it was opening a  cupcake business!  It opened me to new possibilities and potentials for my life. Now I have moved to Vancouver and focusing on establishing my photography business.

So grateful that Sharon showed me my limiting beliefs and fears that were in the way of my success and then helped me work through them step by step. She also showed me info and tips about social media and online skills.

Thanks Sharon!