Skeleton Woman

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Inuit Fable for Healing the Heart

Here is another healing fable to teach us what we need to know the most. Life's transformational process is about union within ourselves of the dualities we dance with continuously. This leads to the awakened heart, the alchemical marriage of our inner male (conscious mind) and our inner feminine (subconscious mind) through the compassionate observation of our Divine Self.

So, as I am seeing and experiencing this fable in the here and now, it's an inner game, it's not about finding the perfect lover that will 'get us' and therefore 'unfreeze our heart' an bring us back to life.

The truth is only until we do that within, can the outer world reflect that back to us. Only to the degree that we are whole can we receive that love, even if it seems available in the present.

The rejection of the innocent female child by the father (world, conditioning, separation from self). Her broken heart and loss of self leads her to  exist in a living death, a half-life. Lost and invisible in the ocean of the subconscious. Where longing and endless grief and powerlessness eat her until only her bones remain - to death.

Finally hooked by a fisherman (hungry conscious mind, masculine lonely self, empty of purpose and meaning, hungry for the feminine). This happens when we go deeper for healing, when our pain makes us bring up from the subconscious, stuff that scares the shit out of ourselves. Yet, the connection is made, and although we try to run, to escape and deny it, her presence haunts the conscious masculine or rational self.

In order to bear our inner 'deadness', we have to start with releasing our conscious mind's need to control and judge. In the fable this is when he looks towards the skeleton woman and acknowledges her with some compassionate acceptance that she both exists and isn't something so scary, just a pile of bones. He can now bear what he is experiencing and this leads him to shift out of fear into more developing awareness.

He then goes to sleep even though she is in the igloo, his space with him. He sheds a tear of emptiness, of hopelessness. Yet, this is about the relenting of his conscious self's need to control her and the surrendering of his will.  To let go and trust the spirits, (his faith in Divinity). Cool, eh?

Then she slips into bed with him and borrows his (and her's) heart. She is allowed 'in' by his surrender of conscious control. She thaws her heart beat by beat and comes back to life and fills with spirit as she dances and sings. It is only through the conscious mind that the subconscious can be alive in the world, be expressed, be Spirit.

He wakes to see her giving him back his heart in love and with gratitude. He cries as his heart opens with love. He is able to receive her, to let her in, it's all he ever longed for. His aloneness evaporates and they become whole - as one.

Now we don't do this healing and initiation just a couple of times in our lives and think we've got it - though each of those times deepens our understanding and self-compassion. No, this is a lifetime(s) lesson, yet the more we do, the more the quality of our peace and wholeness deepens. That is no small thing.

It's also what the world is wanting to see to help give us all hope ~ that it is possible to live in union with ourselves.


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