The Great Undoing

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I am a Free Spirit!

So says Elfy, my granddaughter. This is a photo of her talking to her favourite flowers when she was three. Now that she is six she has announced that she is a free spirit, “just like her dad”. Though I wonder what it means to her, I am glad she is seeing herself as a spirit that is free.

Most of us on our journeys of becoming conscious, authentic human beings are continuously having to release our conditioning. You know the BS that binds us with false beliefs, shame and fears – and there is a lot of it. We take this ominous task on in order to free ourselves our spirits. Free spirits know themselves, see the truth and can change the world for the better in oh so many ways.  ‘Being freed’ conscious people live from our hearts which awaken our souls.9

In my work supporting others to let go of their conditioning and programming I help to unravel and expose the myriad beliefs and defences and to go to the real issue that they are dealing with. That way, as intense as it is at times, they can heal and transform from the core of their being.

Often the core issue is unworthiness to be loved. Sadly, a brainwashing that easily can be installed in a child and one that takes a long while to release.

One way to make this easier is to let in Spiritual sources of support and love.

Working with establishing conscious relationships with our higher selves and inner support teams so greatly helps the need to find unconditional support from out there in the world or expect it from loved ones on their own healing journey.

Every change and shift of understanding frees the spirit to come more alive and the soul to embody more fully. That’s why we are here, I figure.

Love awakens the soul. Imagine you are like Elfy simply loving the flowers from your innocence and letting the flowers love your back. Keep coming back to that focus. So be it.


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