The Journey Continues

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The Journey Continues

Well here I am sitting in a new internet cafe having my morning half-caf.  Driven from my home by the construction noise across the street I'm so relieved it's quiet enough in here. They are working on the 10th floor now, couple more to go.  By the time they are finished my last piece of sky will more or less be gone.  However, I've been told that the sun will reflect back far more. Yah, whatever, I'm out of here. 

My wee cabin in the sky looks out on the north. I am so done with the north teachings, with my back to the south - the sun.   I crave east and west, sunrise and sunset, ancient knowledge and other realms of being. So I know a move to somewhere else is in gestation. I also know every state of being, thought and response to life will contribute to what I will pull to me as my new home.

Meanwhile I continue to reevaluate what's going on in my life and it involves yet more changing and simplifying. Greater clarity have I,  gained by releasing yet more of the past, of stuff I was hanging on to, places where I was so committed to being right or 'waiting for outside of me' witnessing have largely been de-invested of their energy. What remained was unceremoniously dumped. Replaced by a lighter energy, with greater will and growing peace. My bones so appreciate this.

Questioning what I want to offer, to share with others, contribute to the world, what sparks, what lies flat then dies. Knowing that more than anything, that in the ocean of human need, I can offer support, healing and insight is enough for now.

Meanwhile, I've been strengthening the doer in me. Yes, pretty opposite to most of the world, it seems. The doer works hard for the beloved inner female if she can bear the boredom of learning technology, editing and beginning from scratch over and over again. When she has the inner strength to acknowledge, believe in and nurture him.

So anyway, I have decide to simply share a bit of what is going on with me in more regular blog posts.  If my life, my awareness, can help you settle more comfortably in yourself, then that is good and enough.

Yes, I am adding content and revamping my website. I continue to almost finish my first online course/ebook. Can't justify the text in this post and breathing into the edge of irritation...i'm on a wee planet in an infinite universe...

Onward with love with less kicking and screaming.





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