Day 2 The Why of What I love Doing

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Day Two Blog Challenge – why I want to live a lifestyle that gives me freedom to live like I want to.

My work is to support others to free themselves from needless suffering and to learn to love themselves as they make connection with their spiritual reality.  I no longer need to find meaning or search for why I am here on the planet at this time. It’s simply who I am and I offer it willingly to the world, on many levels.

However, now I am shifting to realizing I can offer my wisdom and my creative pursuits whilst i satisfy my own deeper longings to be more alive and to travel to places my soul calls me too.  And it has to be fun, has to be in the flow of my being and it mustn’t feel like sacrificial work. It must feel like devotion in action.  I will do this through my writing mostly, and online offerings, and methinks some entrepreneurial pursuits that delight the trader and traveler in me.

Being willing to be used by Spirit for Spirit requires a lot of freedom and time to take care of myself, to have deep periods of solitude and pursuing studies that explore deep within and without the magic that is life. For the highest good and happiest of all. I’m totally into doing it!

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