Willingness to change

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It’s said that we hate change, but is that really true?

We like it when things get better in our lives, when situations improve, when stuff gets easier. I think we are all desperate for change in at least a couple of areas of our lives. We often say we want change, even as if its a complaint.

However, a lot of time many of us start changing something we want to change and it falls to the wayside sooner than we want and we go to a stock answer something like “we tried and that it didn’t work”. That adds to our growing sense of helplessness and vacancy. If you can relate, here is something to ponder.

How willing are you to change?
It’s a yes or no answer, that will then start bringing up other stuff.
Just ask your gut intuition and you will get an answer.

Because if you don’t show up to that pusball of discomfort, and get to know yourself so you can weed out false presumptions, limiting beliefs and insert self-love, well then I hope you find peace in accepting thats where you are at. That the constant agitation and discontentedness don’t bug you to much, that the longing doesn’t stoop you over so much that you no longer are able to see the sky.

Either way you are still a miracle in progress, lovable and exactly where you need to be.

Yet if you do want to change, one little breadcrumb step at a time, then invite your greater self to show you the way, and simply reply to each forthcoming insight with “as you wish”.

And if that’s a challenge to do, you can always connect with me and I can teach you how to.

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