Transformational  Counselling

These 60 or 90 minute life changing sessions work deeply with awareness, healing, transformational processing and awakening you to your true spiritual energies.  Allowing their greater selves to direct the session, I teach, interpret, heal and counsel my clients through the session.  Whatever you come with, issues, questions or spiritual needs, I can provide a safe, sacred  space for you to connect deeper with yourself, provide answers to your question and help you create your unique way of living from a spiritually conscious perspective.

A private healing/counselling session with Sharon Leslie Soulseer in person or over the phone or Skype. Sessions can include physical healing, intuitive reading and spiritual, psychic and shamanic counselling based on Sharon’s over 30 years of doing deep soul work helping others to awaken.    Sharon is known for her compassionate spiritual counselling, energetic skills and having transformational conversations where people’s lives are permanently changed. Sharon guides people through ways of understanding and embracing more of their truth, power as spiritual beings.  She empowers them with tools of perception, skills to nurture and protect their sensitive nature and ways to create more wellbeing in everyday life.

Sharon is available for a limited number of sessions.

Sessions $150 (Canadian)

Half sessions (phone or online only) $80 Canadian


1 hr $150    90 minutes $200 plus 5% GST $10  total $210

Packages:  packages of 5 sessions for  $650 plus 32.50  total $682.50

                   90 min 5 session package $875 plus 5% GST  43.75 total  918.75

We can work out a payment schedule if you want!




Life Coaching Sessions

I do individual coaching as well. Whether it is life coaching, business coaching or intuitive skill development coaching, I can help you set goals, learn specific skills and help you develop your gifts and talents.

I do this on a three month contract basis for $297 a month. It's  designed for the results you expect and the fulfilling of the plan we have laid out  together. 

This includes 2 one hour coaching sessions, emails, lessons and goal setting and development follow through.  


Start with a free assessment coaching call to see if it's a good fit to work with me!